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Good ol traditional beef #noodles.
#food #Malaysian #chinese (at Kafe Joji Gambut)

Day off today since it was a working weekend so I took the opportunity to have a ride to Kampung Bukit Tinggi for some lunch. Andy Ng decided to join me as well so it wasn’t a solo ride.

Foon Lock restaurant is a favourite, and serves great crispy pork and chicken mee hoon cooked with ginger and wine. Wash it all down with their signature passion fruit drink, and it was definitely a lunch riding far for.

Mee Goreng by the roadside/field over at USJ20. Yums.
#food #Malaysia #hawker #Indian #Muslim (at USJ 20,Subang Jaya)

Not letting Summer order Yong Tau Fu ever again. Enough to feed double the amount of people at the table.
#food #Malaysia #lunch (at Puchong Yong Tau Foo)

Mat Tou Yao dessert. Literally means “everything in it”. Opposite Jelutong market in the evenings.
#dessert #penang #food (at Jelutong Night Food Market)

Apom at Chulia Street at night.
#food #traditional #penang #Malaysia (at Chulia Street, Penang)

Favourite food stop at Bidor - Pun Chun herbal duck noodles and freshly deep fried wantons.
#food #Malaysia #bidor (at Pun Chun Chicken Biscuits & Restaurant 品珍酒楼)

Breakie lunch at Artisan, if that makes sense.
#makan #food (at Artisan Coffee)

After setting up our roadshow booth in Melaka, we went for (probably the best) Sate Celup.

The prawns were huge, and they had super large and fresh scallops. What a feast.

Bidor herbal duck soup with dry #noodles. A must have if you can make the stop travelling along the North South highway.
#malaysia #food #local #traditional (at Pun Chun Restaurant (品珍酒楼))

Nicole not feeling well so we settled for porridge over at SS2.
This place is supposedly from Singapore, with the name of the restaurant adapted from Geylang’s Lorong 9.
We had the frog cooked with spring onions in a claypot and the pickled radish omelette.
Overall, they were all pretty average.
#food #chinese #singapore (Taken with Instagram at Geylang Lor9 田鸡@SS2)

This is somewhat an acquired taste for some. This is a fried #fish meat and bitter gourd #soup, and for today - we even put in a piece of tofu.
You have the option of having this with Yam #Rice which is also quite nice.
Soup is cooked with some salted vegetables for added taste.
#food #chinese #malaysia (Taken with Instagram at N.T.S. Food Centre)

Leng Chee Kang, or Cheng Th’ng as it is known in #hokkien in some places. It’s a traditional #chinese #dessert served hot or cold.
#food (Taken with Instagram at N.T.S. Food Centre)

Trying out the new shop near the house. Western fare at around RM15 average. We had the Shepherd’s Pie, Chicken Cutlet, Mushroom Pizza and a Cappuccino after.
Overall quite decent. chicken was a bit dry at the end and the coffee had too much milk and too little foam. #food #western #coffee #collage #dinner #pizza (Taken with Instagram at Food Lovers)

Sweet and sour fish with brown rice per at Earth Food at Ampang Hilir.

This restaurant belongs to Wynn, our partner from Citibank. We are here for her farewell.